Inspiration: October 7

Inspiration October 7 >> Life In Limbo

Sarah launched her cool resource library this week! Head over to check out all the free workbooks – I already have plans to fill out the “how to love winter” one..

A lovely post on loving each moment by my blog friend, Malavika.

How to become a millionaire! A very interesting article on opening your mind to more money.

I really liked Jess Lively’s interview with Gabby Bernstein this week.

Some tips on asking common questions in a tactful, gentle way.

New research came out suggesting a link between hormonal birth control to depression – yikes.

So I’ve moved into my new apartment! I’m living in a neighbourhood I absolutely love, and I’ve seen friends every day since I moved in. Life is feeling exceptionally good right now, and I’m really happy. Follow along with my mini adventures on Instagram! This weekend it’s Thanksgiving so I’m excited to head home and play with the puppy, see my family, and eat good food. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

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