Inspiration: September 20

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Inspiration: September 20 >> Life In Limbo

I really, REALLY liked this Twitter thread about what we can learn about body image from adorable sled dogs. So sweet and so helpful!

This is Canada-specific, but I tried grocery pickup this week from PC Express and it was fun and easy! Will definitely be doing again on any day I feel overwhelmed. It also really helps that if you sign in with your PC ID, it pulls up items you buy often so things move a whole lot faster.

I’ve been really into Ramit Sethi’s ideas around personal finance recently, and I particularly liked this interview he did with Cathy Heller.

A super easy tool for blurring out parts of photos or “redacting” text in multiple formats. (This is also going into The Appothecary!)

This was a fascinating episode of Super Soul Conversations about aging, beauty, and navigating growing older as a woman.

Recomendo’s newsletters are always good, but the last tip in their most recent one was so handy: how to bring up an emoji keyboard on your Mac. SO HELPFUL.

This made me extremely happy: an article on why there are so many monarch butterflies in Toronto this year. (Butterflies are one of my personal “alignment signs”, so I was thrilled to see so many this summer).

Over on my business blog this week I shared my tips for navigating an “in between” time of business. Some of them are specific to small business owners, but I also think the same ideas would be helpful if you were struggling with waiting for things to happen in your personal life, too!

This week’s blog posts: Just Start, What Would Make Me Feel Proud Of Myself?, You’re Not Going to Run Out of Ideas, Choose or Be Chosen For, Habits Are Boring, When In Doubt, Books.

This week flew by: I can’t believe it’s already the end of the week! I spent my days getting ready to launch the next round of my group program The Foundery, prepping for my friend’s bachelorette party and wedding and all the tasks that go along with that, launching Nurture (and very quickly almost selling out!), celebrating Make Lemonade turning two, and trying to fit in all my self-care every day. It’s been busy but I’m feeling good and really looking forward to a weekend away to soak up the last of summer by a very large body of water with friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

PS. No links next week! I will be at the aforementioned wedding!

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