Inspiration: October 21

Inspiration October 21 >> Life In Limbo

This is what happens when you put Marie Forleo and Seth Godin in a room together (magic). So many truthbombs!

Do what you love, and then your friends will hire you.

Speaking of which, I made a Facebook page for my photography biz this week! I started out by posting a photo of my handsome doctor friend Nitai, who asked me to take headshots for his residency applications.

Dear America, you’re already great! Love, Canada.

I started following this Toronto-based Instagram account this week and so far all her recommendations have been amazing. Just in case you’re planning a trip here anytime soon!

How to read a lot more.

Every single time I hear Tony Robbins talk I learn something.

My friend Katie told me about these amazing apps for finding cheaper flights this week and we have been obsessed ever since. Hopper is great for “watching” flights for a given time period to a particular place to see if the price will drop, whereas Hitlist is great for finding you random cheap destinations to fly to (Curaçao for $400??).

Currently reading: Smarter Faster Better. I’m really enjoying it so far and getting a lot of interesting ideas about how to be all of the above.

Long time no write! Luckily, Seth Godin (see above) snapped me back into it by reminding me that writing is so important for observing and interpreting your life. So! Here I am, and here I’ll be. I’m all settled into my new apartment in the city, I love my neighbourhood, I’m trying to see friends as much as possible and go on lots of local adventures, I’m getting used to working from home and cooking for myself again. It’s all a process and I feel so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life, both here in Canada and abroad.

I’m dogsitting this weekend (YAY), which I’m really looking forward to. I hope you have a great weekend too! xo.

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  1. Yayyy, new post! These collections are so useful and inspiring. I’d already seen Marie Forleo’s video…Tony Robbins’ one and the How to read more article were also great!
    Also glad to hear you’re loving life!! Best wishes for it all to keep getting better

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