Inspiration: October 5

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Inspiration October 5 >> Life In Limbo

I’m getting ready to launch my very first “product” to the world (if you want an early sneak peek, you can see it here!!) and, as with any new project, this one came with its fair share of technical difficulties. I was BLOWN AWAY by the level of customer service I got from the team behind the plugin I’m using, Memberful. Not only did they troubleshoot with me for hours on end, they solved my problem by coding me a custom plugin for my website. Truly unbelievable. If you ever need a membership app, this is the one to use.

In other fun app news, I have now gotten my whole family onto the app Carrot, which gives you rewards (Aeroplan points, SCENE points, etc) based on how active you are throughout the day. It is so much fun to “compete” with family – my dad is taking it very seriously and kicking our butts. If you sign up, you can use my code stephaniep5372 and get bonus points yay.

Last weekend I installed the Facebook News Feed Eradicator and I cannot tell you how much happier and less stressed I feel as a result. Goodbye endless scrolling! Sayonara time suck! I can still go to my groups and see notifications, but everything else is just: gone.

Extremely supportive of this sentiment from Adam Grant about who gets to give you feedback. Criticism is not universally helpful.

I like this distinction between habits and workflows, and definitely need to take some time to think about how this applies to me and my own work life.

I really liked this episode of “What Should I Read Next?” and especially liked the guest’s habit of checking in with her library holds on the daily, which to me is #goals.

This week, my team at With/out Pretend threw a launch party for our new digital magazine, The Vault. If you haven’t already, please check out these beautifully illustrated original stories and consider becoming a member! They’re so wonderful.

This week on the podcast, I chatted with my friend Sonja Seiler about the recent sold-out success of her retreat and her long journey to get here! It really struck a chord with people based on how many DMs and texts I got about it afterwards.

I spent last weekend dogsitting for the puppy, and it was such a peaceful and lovely time. I got so much done in the quiet, which was a good reminder for me to spend more time free from distractions and with fun projects to work on. This weekend I am going home again for more family time, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my loved ones. I feel lucky daily, but Thanksgiving is a great excuse to voice my deep and profound gratitude for my life. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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