Inspiration: October 26

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Inspiration October 26 >> Life In Limbo

Though I have not yet gotten her book from the library, I was so inspired by this interview with Priya Parker on Hurry Slowly about the art of gathering. Jocelyn is such a good interviewer and it felt like the kind of conversation I want to be having with my friends 100% of the time.

This week I made baked oatmeal for the first time, and how lovely it has been so far, one day in! Yummy, makes my house smell amazing as it’s heating up, and leaves me with lots of energy.

A really great piece about the immense struggles and suffering that trans people experience daily and why cisgender feelings matter far less than the rights and dignities of trans individuals.

So fun to read more about why my friend Laura loves her job! She also very kindly linked to the archive of these inspiration posts, which was lovely of her.

Amy Young gives us excellent advice for dating and managing our expectations and disappointments.

Watching this interview with Dr. Steve Porges was part of my course work for my Self-Reg course this week, and I loved it – it’s all about how we send signals to loved ones to communicate safety in primal (ie. non-cognitive) ways. Love thinking about intimacy from a neuroscience perspective.

Making A Murderer is back! While I am not inspired by the story itself, which is sad and horrible, I am inspired by the dedication of these filmmakers and by the people within the justice system who work so hard to do what’s right. All the defense lawyers in this series are rock stars.

This week on the podcast I am talking about the sneaky little lies that resistance tells us in an attempt to keep us small and safe.

I’m coming out of a season of work: projects, launches, boundaries, long hours, lots of screen time. I’m ready for a shift towards quiet, which I’m noticing in myself in how I’m having more nights at home, getting back to my long walks, turning towards watching a movie at night instead of doing just one more thing for my business. It feels good to move in seasons, as long as I listen to my body and shift when it tells me to! This weekend I want to recharge, rest, and restore by moving more slowly, reading more carefully, and doing nothing a bit more often. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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