Inspiration: October 12

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Inspiration: October 12 >> Life In Limbo

This week, I launched The Appothecary, a curated database of all the tools I love & would recommend to small business owners. I already have a few members, which is so exciting, and it warms my heart to see them discovering technologies they find helpful! You can read more about why I created the project here.

This is one of my favourite Maya Angelou quotes and never ceases to be relevant, especially when you add “the first time” to the end of it, as Oprah says.

I’m in the midst of bingeing the back episodes of Rework the podcast, and I have been loving it. I am so thankful for their values-based, insightful approach to business, it helps me feel inspired and less alone in the world.

This article is never not relevant, and I especially needed to read it this week after a tough bout of ~*feelings*~ last weekend.

I liked these diverse approaches to the topic of whether or not we should delete our social media accounts. I feel like I fall somewhere in the first camp, but I could always be better about reducing the noise.

Offline this week, I was super inspired by Roxane Gay’s beautiful book Hunger, and Curtis Sittenfeld’s book of stories, You Think It, I’ll Say It. Both were so excellent.

This week on the podcast I talked about the process of building The Appothecary and how it helped me look deeper at my own brand values & business systems.

This week I had the honour of being the guest expert at my local TuesdaysTogether chapter, a meetup for entrepreneurs. We were addressing one of my favourite topics, systems, and it was so much fun to talk to a group about something I care so much about. It was such an affirming experience and I got so many thoughtful messages afterwards. It really felt like a big milestone for me, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. This weekend I’m planning to do a lot of reading, go for a fall hike, and launch the Inbox Zero workshop I’m running in early November! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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