Inspiration: November 25

Inspiration November 25 >> Life In Limbo

This reading list of modern classics looks so great! I’ve only read 3, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

As much as I enjoy using Instagram, I really really like this advice, especially because I haven’t thought of it this way before. “The idea of purposefully introducing into my life a service designed to fragment my attention is as scary to me as the idea of smoking would be to an endurance athlete, and it should be to you if you’re serious about creating things that matter.”

Changes to make in your 20s (or any other time of life, really). I love the tips about generating 10 new ideas a day and conducting weekly reviews.

I haven’t been watching much TV lately but I watched both seasons of Lovesick in 2 days this week on a recommendation from friends and it’s so good!

For some reason I think the idea of colour analysis is so interesting! I liked this guide and this video on the topic.

I’m home this weekend at my mom’s house in the forest with the puppy, cozy fires, and both my sisters – it’s going to be a beautiful time! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: November 25”

  1. Thanks for these posts. I look forward to them, there’s always something I love! The what to do in your twenties and the social network articles where great! Although we all know phones are distracting, I had also never thought of instagram and twitter exactly that way…

    1. You’re so welcome Laura and I’m so happy these articles can bring some inspiration to your week the way they do to mine! And yes – for me the big take-home message this week (the thing that keeps echoing in my head) is that line about social media distractions. Yikes!

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