Inspiration: November 22

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Inspiration: November 22 >> Life In Limbo

Obviously the most inspiring thing that I experienced this week was Nurture! Go follow Or Har-Gil, Priyanka Saju, Nautica Simone and Victory Patterns to get a glimpse of their magic.

I’ve had a lot of back pain this week after all the dishwashing at Nurture, and discovered these delightful physical therapists who make me laugh and also have great suggestions. Highly recommend checking out!

I just got these microfibre cloths into my life and am INTO THEM. Yay for reusable and beautiful objects. My computer screen has never been cleaner!

I’ve been really liking the newly-launched A Beautiful Mess podcast! I’ve followed their blog on and off for years but somehow like the podcast more. I really loved hearing them talk about their Airbnb plans and their search for forever homes. So fun.

If you like romance novels, you might like this round-up of the best ones of 2019.

Pure joy, right this way. (I am 100% obsessed with this dog and this channel)

This week on my business blog, I’m sharing some tips for handling an evolution in your identity! These tips are designed for entrepreneurs but could help with other kinds of life changes as well.

Most of this week has been spent recovering in one way or another from Nurture – it was intense, to say the least. Powerful, special, life-affirming. Also: tiring and confronting! I am so glad to have experienced it, and I’m so glad to have had some downtime this week to integrate it. This weekend I plan to continue that trend with taking it easy and spending time with my family who I haven’t seen in a while! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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