Off to Nurture

Today is the day I go to Nurture for the weekend. I’ve been to several of these retreats now, and each time, I return home changed. The first one was the most significant change: I came back, said goodbye to a toxic relationship, and felt my confidence bloom as a result. The others I’ve attended have created smaller, subtler changes, but I always feel calmer and more myself afterwards.

I don’t know what will come up for me this time – things have been less dramatic lately than they’ve usually been leading up to previous retreats. And yet I know it’ll be a big shift because it always is. There’s really nothing like spending time with like-minded, soulful humans to make you take a step forwards in your life path.

No matter what, I’m excited to be back in that peaceful place on the lake, where all you can hear is the noises of nature and your friends giggling inside. It’s just snowed here, so it’ll be pristine, and white, and blanketed. I, too, will be blanketed for much of the weekend! Because while we’ll be hard at work chopping, prepping and hosting, I also feel determined to make sure that Sonja and I both feel as though we’ve had a retreat of our own as well.

We leave at 3PM today, and I’ve consciously cleared the whole day for myself to settle in to the Nurture spirit. I’ll be playing our playlist, puttering around my house, making good food, packing up the last minute items, and spending time reading quietly. Nurture is full-on, so today will be full-off.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you on Tuesday!

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