Inspiration: May 1

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Inspiration: May 1 >> Life In Limbo

I’m a sucker for smart and interesting tips to making your life better, and I am loving the first two listed in this blog post. Especially that journaling prompt, it is fuego.

This whole newsletter was amazing, but I especially loved the excerpt from an interview with Jerry Seinfeld about the creative process: “If you’re efficient, you’re doing it the wrong way. The right way is the hard way.”

I know it might seem counterintuitive to add more to your plate while in a pandemic, but I’ve actually found my daily Duolingo practice (I’m learning Romanian) to be so fun and calming. If you’re looking for something productive to do on your phone instead of endless scrolling, consider learning a language!

I had a virtual double date this week and we had fun playing Psych! together virtually. It’s a simple game, easy to play at a distance, and got us laughing a lot.

I am high-key obsessed with this video and this dance. It is everything and more.

As of this week my beloved High Park is closed, but we can watch the cherry blossoms bloom, which is cool.

This quote from Ira Glass came up in two different contexts this week, so I feel like we all may need the reminder to re-watch it or feel the wisdom for the first time. This video is my fave way to experience it.

In case you missed it, I’m throwing a Productivity Party 🎉 & you’re invited! Join me every Monday in May for a community work sprint to get things done together, apart.

The weeks are flying by again! Does that mean I’m getting used to this as the new normal? I still have hard days, but it’s definitely getting easier to cope with the uncertainty about the future. This weekend I’m so excited to have a socially distanced visit with my family (and see our dog!), have some calls with friends, and hopefully get some reading done. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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