Inspiration: March 9

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Inspiration March 9 >> Life In Limbo

I think Jason Zook’s brain is so cool and interesting. His latest project is searching for a traditional book publisher *after* he has already written the whole book.

Relationship realtalk from Ask Polly, and I actually think this is a great read whether or not you’re in a new relationship. Surrendering to change is an important life skill.

Captain Awkward is doing some essential work in the world, I tell ya. This latest post about a seemingly trivial marital conflict ended up teaching me some big lessons about boundaries and happiness.

It’s no longer International Women’s Day, but I was really happy to see donor matching on all loans to women on Kiva yesterday. Kiva’s one of my favourite organizations – I feel like these micro loans make an enormous difference in people’s lives, and knowing someone’s story makes the act of donating a little bit more personal.

I had a mini style coaching session with my friend Rebecca Jacobs last weekend and it was so powerful! She is incredibly good at what she does. Tons of great tips on her YouTube channel too.

Loved the most recent episode of Hurry Slowly on sustainability, maintenance, and making room for competing priorities. Especially interesting because I’m working on starting another podcast myself!

It was an amazing week for feeling inspired! Lots of great chats with friends, creative work, new clients, fun ideas, and things to look forward to. I am feeling super beyond happy these days and the sense of possibility is amazing. This weekend I am helping at this gorgeous dinner, reading books, making cookies, getting over this cold for good and going to yoga. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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