Inspiration: March 27

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Inspiration: March 27 >> Life In Limbo

This feels particularly relevant right now: What are the minority of my actions that drive the majority of my results? (I love this newsletter)

A big list of meaningful things you could do during this pandemic. When I first saw this list I felt overwhelmed, so don’t take it as a to-do list! Just a list of gentle suggestions, should you want some ideas.

If you are feeling like you need a moment of calm and presence, this app for guiding you through breathwork could be helpful. It looks friendly & intuitive.

Tips, guidance & resources for small business owners who may be really struggling during this pandemic.

20 powerful journalling prompts to help get you out of your head right now, if you need some guidance.

All of Brit + Co’s online classes are free this month with the code SELFCARE! They all look so fun & interesting, if you’re looking for something to do right now.

I was incredibly charmed and moved by this episode of The Tonight Show at Home. It’s so inspiring and beautiful to see all the ways that our world is adapting during this crisis.

I have friends dating digitally right now and it’s a fascinating concept! Loved this article from GQ about those unique experiences.

Woof, it’s been a week! Like most people, I am slowly adapting to this new normal and figuring out how to cope. It’s hard, and still scary sometimes, but I’m trying to expose myself to the absolute minimum of fear-mongering news and stay as present as I can. Being able to show up for my clients during this time has been important and meaningful for me, and the rest of the time I’m trying to “keep busy” by setting up lots of phone calls and video chats. None of this is easy, and I’m worried about my loved ones, but I am okay. We are getting through this. I hope you’re staying well and that you have a good weekend. xo.

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