Inspiration: March 11

Inspiration March 11 >> Life In Limbo

I have to talk about the tools that are changing my (work) life at the moment. First, there’s Timely, an app that lets you track your time spent on projects and later export the hours as an invoice. I had been using a horrible system of timing on my phone timer, manually writing the hours on a document and later adding them up by hand (WHY?!?!) so I adore Timely.

The second app is Slack, a messaging application that my team started using this week. Goodbye to endless emailing! We’ve been more productive and worked much more efficiently by having an easy way to send along the answer to a question or an update quickly and easily.

There were lots of loans being matched on Kiva this month, which is always very exciting! The matching is over for now, but you can still make a big impact by giving a loan now.

In similar news, I’m trying to raise $250 for Charity: Water before my birthday on April 7! You can help the cause by donating here.

Guinea Pigging Green got an update this week! I used the free WordPress theme West for the design, but I also saw this cool theme from Colorlib today. Free themes just keep getting better.

I always love to read Elise’s favourite things list each year.

This Instagram account makes me want to make a quilt so badly. This summer it’ll happen!!

The Sixty Second Photograph project is so beautiful so far. I like this one a lot and am so inspired to do my own.

Speaking of which, I made a video of life in Quito so far if you’d like to see it!

This week was so much better than last week that it’s crazy. I’m so happy my mom is home from her big adventure trip and that she had such a great time. I taught a lovely new private yoga class this week, applied for and got a volunteering position at an organization doing great work, and found out more about a very affordable Spanish course starting soon. Life is feeling full of possibility which is a wonderful feeling, right?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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