Inspiration: June 3

Inspiration June 3 >> Life In Limbo

Great list of smart beach reads. I would add Eligible and Modern Lovers!

The Busy Person’s Lies – yet another great piece from Laura Vanderkam. I always love her perspective and outlook on life, especially as it relates to time.

I love this video (and idea) so much. Connecting people is the name of the game.

I opened a no-fee bank account with Tangerine this week! I have been so impressed with them at every step of the way – everything is fast and easy, and best of all the card itself is on track to save me a boatload of fees going forward. If any Canadians want to try it out (and get $50, for free – yes, really) you can use this referral code: 46081240S1.

On Happier this week, they talked about the idea of designing your summer, which of course I am obsessed with. I am ready to bring some more intention to the summer months!

Last week on The Lively Show, there was a replay of an episode from Season 1 with Kate Arends. At one point, she said that we have to be okay with having fewer things emotionally, which really resonated with me.

This week went by in a blur, but it was a great week. I was able to catch up with some friends (one of which I hadn’t seen in 2 years!!) and spend some quality time with my family. I’m excited to settle back into reading more books, spending time outdoors, and hanging out with my family. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo.

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