Inspiration: June 15

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Yay! The What sent out their non-fiction reading list this week, and I marked every single new one as to-read on my Goodreads.

The case for extreme moderation: “I want to do a reasonable job at the different parts of my life and a stellar job at the balance between all of them.” This article makes me feel calmer.

Also helping make me feel calm: this report about the changes coming to help us create a quieter iPhone. As a person who has my phone on Do Not Disturb 100% of the time, all of this sounds very appealing to me.

I absolutely love following along as Caroline & Jason build their new business, and it was really cool to see this example of how they’re using Airtable to track their content.

Captain Awkward linked to the Geek Social Fallacies again recently, so I gave it a re-read. So fun to revisit this uber-helpful post! So clarifying and so much truth.

I started watching Taste of the Country this week on Netflix and omg! South Pond Farms is so beautiful and cool.

This week on the podcast it was just me! I was talking about some recent experiences with breaking limiting beliefs and fully embracing a growth mindset.

As I write this I’m feeling really tired, but really happy. My younger sister had her university graduation, and it was so special to celebrate her alongside my family. Add to that a few unexpected meetings, my monthly entrepreneurs meetup, and wrapping up client work with dreamy clients, and you’ve got yourself a tired Stephanie ready for the weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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