Inspiration: July 19

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Inspiration: July 19 >> Life In Limbo

This week I’ve been really into watching this YouTube channel of a local Toronto interior designer. So fun to watch her “reno” her rental!

I really liked this video about productivity hacks for entrepreneurs (or everyone). I started using the spray bottle one this week and….it’s actually been working!

For their birthday, Siteground is offering a free year of website hosting to everyone who successfully completes their (easy) quiz. Super quirky and fun way to market their business.

Great podcast episode this week from Seth about how belief and truth are not synonymous, and how that impacts our lives and businesses. Really interesting food for thought.

Really, really loved this article of advice on writing and life, but it would apply to pretty much any creative endeavour. “You have to squander your good ideas. You have to get them out of you and into the world. And you have to trust that there will be more once you’ve let them out — or that there will be more because you have.”

I have been watching Stranger Things 3 this week and Oh My Goodness It’s Good. Every detail of this show is delightful!

In case you missed it, there’s a new podcast episode out this week! It’s all about noticing what our behaviour has to tell us about how we’re really feeling.

This week’s blog posts: Small Change, Big Change, Your Distractions are Productive, Bookmark Habits, and Treasure Hunting.

How was your week? Mine has gone by so quickly I can’t even believe it. Things are picking up work-wise, I’ve started the third round of The Foundery, I did my Inbox Zero workshop for a team this week, and I’m working on a few fun projects behind the scenes with Etsy and Make Lemonade. Fun, right?! This weekend, I’ll be heading up to a cottage with a few friends and I cannot wait to go SWIMMING. My absolute favourite part of summer, hands down. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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