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Inspiration January 30 >> Life In Limbo

I’m reading A Path Appears this week and it’s blowing my mind. In a nutshell it’s about how we can donate our time and money to good causes most effectively but it explains and describes so much more than that as well. I first heard about the book in this wonderful interview.

I was excited to join the new Passport program through Pencils of Promise. They invited me when it was still under wraps and I found out later that I was member #111 (a very auspicious number, so I thought that was cool, like the dork I am). It’s basically an automatic recurring donation program, plus a few perks. Learn more and become a member here! They also have donation matching set up for your first month for the first 1000 members.

I used CheapoAir to book my flights to New Delhi and then later Toronto and got an absurd deal. I’ll write more about the “return” tickets on this site soon but until then, check it out!

I have been loving the new NPR podcast Invisibilia after hearing previews of it on This American Life and Radiolab. Really good stuff.

In other podcast news, I thought that this episode of the Lively Show about small business fears and struggles was so relatable and down-to-earth and refreshing.

I thought this video of Korean girls trying American snacks for the first time was hilarious. It was cool to see exactly what they were saying and really get a sense of their personalities – that’s sometimes lost when people speak their second language.


The last weekend of January and the first one of February (technically): time. is. flying. I booked my flight home this week (I’ll be back late July!) so everything is starting to move much more quickly. I’m excited about all my upcoming plans but trying, of course, to stay present and enjoy my last two months in Korea. This weekend I’m planning to go shopping in one of my favourite areas and then get a lot of work done. I won’t have a computer on me while travelling so I have to try and get ahead. Enjoy your weekend!

Ps. The photo is a little throwback to my lovely summer days in Kyoto.

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