Lately | January

This is a snapshot of what my life was like in January 2015. You can see all my Lately posts here.

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Watching Gilmore Girls Season 3 + 4,  and the Oscar-nominated movies one by one.

Reading a lot of great fiction by David Mitchell, Rainbow Rowell and John Green.

Making lists on lists of things to do/buy/edit/create before I leave Korea on April 1st.

Getting used to having perfect vision at night and when I wake up in the morning.

Listening to Invisibilia, Dear Sugar Radio and Death Sex & Money.

Planning a backpacking trip through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and India for after I’m finished my contract here!

Booking flights galore to Thailand, to Vietnam, to New Delhi, and finally to home sweet home. I’ve been using Cheapoair mostly.

Creating a lot of great episodes of the podcast to air while I’m away.

Keeping up with my daily goals to meditate, walk 10,000 steps and write in my gratitude journal almost every single day.

Drinking milky earl grey tea in the mornings and red wine at night.

Doing a lot of journalling, processing, and thinking.

Eating homemade vegetable soup, omelets with leeks for breakfast, and peanut tofu sandwiches.

Trying to stay present (always) (and forever).

Grateful for the awesome people I know and love.

Excited (very) for what February has in store.

Wishing you a happy week, not too cold and full of love.