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Inspiration January 20 >> Life In Limbo

This post really cut through the noise for me this week. In a lot of ways it’s the opposite of the message we’re fed by so many bloggers and Instagrammers, but it feels like what I needed to hear. I am a firm believer in only sharing content when it feels authentic, helpful or brings joy. Plain and simple.”

I didn’t really agree with that viral video about millennials everyone was sharing recently, and this post elucidates a lot of my thinking as to why.

Guys I’m not kidding, I’ve been wishing this was a thing FOR LIKE EVER: a Google Chrome extension that shows you whether a book you’re looking at on Goodreads or Amazon has copies available at your local library. This is technology at its finest! This is the best!

A flow chart for us all: write the books you want to read. Also create the podcasts, songs, whatevers that you want to hear or experience.

A web-based app that makes your writing clearer and more professional.

Oooohhhh this is a good one: my inconvenience may be someone else’s miracle. Very “This is Water”.

I like this handy little tool for checking what WordPress theme someone is using.

The Google Calendar goals video makes me very happy.

Another week that flew by, full of inspiration. I feel more settled in Toronto with each passing week, am making new friends, and am feeling energized by the conversations I’m having and the projects I’m exploring. I’m excited that it feels like new opportunities are popping up all over the place: anything is possible! I hope you had an inspiring week too.


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