Inspiration: January 12

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Inspiration January 12 >> Life In Limbo

It would be inappropriate to start this list of links with anything other than Oprah’s speech. I watched it first thing Monday morning and cried the whole time. She is an inspiration to me every week, but this week it’s particularly true. Thank you, Oprah.

The Feel Good Food Plan from Bon Appetit’s Healthyish looks so delicious and nutritious! I haven’t been following it in real time (it started January 2), but it’s full of cool ideas I’d love to try.

This is hilarious.

Lots of good tips here for saving money! I already do most of these, but I especially like the idea of getting my bank balance by text. Looking into how to set that up!

You may have heard by now that a YouTuber made a terrible video in the Aokigahara suicide forest, but you may not (like me) have known the history of this place. I was inspired by the way this woman took the time to explain the situation and context more fully while holding Logan Paul accountable for his despicable actions. CW: suicide.

I added the book Rest by Alex Pang to my reading list this week thanks to his great interview on Hurry Slowly about the importance of taking regular breaks and detaching from work.

Holy moly did this podcast episode get sent to me at the right time (thanks Sonja!). It’s all about using your intuition to guide you and bring you more of what you want, but what it really reminded me to do was stay grounded.

I also really needed to read this: “Maybe stop worrying so much about productivity and getting things done. Worry about things worth doing.”

How’s 2018 going for you so far? The days are going by so quickly for me. I had Harvest Table Dinner this week, as well as Tuesdays Together, and both were great! The week also had a couple not-so-great pieces of news, but we’re getting through it as a family. This weekend I have a library date with a friend (!) and one of my book club meetings. Haha – lots of books for me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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