Inspiration: January 11

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Inspiration January 11 >> Life In Limbo

I am incredibly inspired by the strength and resilience of every single woman who shared her story in this documentary about the atrocities that R. Kelly inflicted on so many people. Note: this website is full of pop-up ads, and the ‘advertisements’ before the videos play are disturbing, especially given the content in the videos. It’s so upsetting, but the documentary is incredibly well-made and important.

This week I started listening to The Dream and I am HOOKED. It’s all about MLM programs, and does an amazing job of breaking it down and explaining both why they are problematic, AND why people are attracted to them (hint: it has to do with gender and the patriarchy).

I almost cried reading this piece about how Melbourne gave its city trees individual email addresses, and people started sending them love letters and secrets. “You are beautiful. Sometimes I sit or walk under you and feel happier.”

Sarah Von Bargen coming in hot with the amazing mini resolution ideas, if you get overwhelmed or stressed by the New Year’s pressure to revamp your entire life.

People who make websites, please visit this website that I will be using for all future Lorem Ipsum needs…that is, Jeff Goldblum needs. Life finds a way. If you too are delighted by the wacky whimsy of this website that is completely free and was created for no other reason besides hilarity, I think we would be friends.

I love Jocelyn K. Glei’s newsletter, and if you want a taste of what it usually contains, check out her email from the end of the year with the best links of 2018. So cool.

I am back to taking a one second video every day and it is bringing me SO MUCH JOY. If you are in any way into the idea, I’m here to tell you that January 10th is in no way “too late” to start – the joy you will feel from this tiny little daily practice will far outweigh the irritation that you didn’t start on January 1st.

Last but not least, thank you to Donté Colley for being a gem and giving us some joyful inspiration as we move through the frigid days here in Toronto. This is such a fun video!!

This week was a good one! I am finally back to feeling like I have more balance and energy throughout the day, and am working on taking my time with things that need to get done instead of constantly rushing around. My program has officially started, which is exciting, and I am so jazzed about the women I’m working with. And I’m so thrilled to be running my Inbox Zero workshop again this weekend! So fun. I’ll also be discussing this great book at one of my book clubs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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