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Inspiration February 27 >> Life In Limbo

This post on Northern India got me super excited for my trip.

In related notes, I’m going through all of Indie Traveller’s backpacking guides too!

I re-watched this animated Ira Glass quote this week and, as always, needed to hear it.

“Forget opinions, and memorize empathy. Good grown-ups don’t care about being right; they prefer being informed.” Some solid words of wisdom in this piece.

I read Station Eleven this week and it was really amazing and totally terrifying and very poignant too.

Lululemon is making mala beads now! And of course they are gorgeous.

I liked this packing list a lot, but it made me want to buy a lot of great technical clothing.

I can’t find the post this picture is attached to, but it makes me want to pack my bags this instant and leave town.

I think I’ve linked to this before, but I re-visited it this week on one of my more self-inquisitive days (aren’t they all?): 7 strange questions that help you find your life purpose.

Thanks to a recommendation from the ladies at Invisibilia, I downloaded two episodes of the Storycorps podcast this week, cried at both, and am officially hooked. Only 413 episodes and countless tears to go!


Things are moving, slowly but surely and very logistically for my upcoming trip. I checked off two major wins this week – my Hep A vaccine and Korean police check (passed with flying colours!) – and have plans to sort out my India visa within the next week. Lots of paperwork and mild anxiety that I might not be doing this whole thing right!! Ahh! But it’s all good and it’ll all work out. Hope you all had a tremendously lovely week. Let’s all relax a lot this weekend! Xo.

Photo taken on a trail near my apartment on Wednesday.

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  1. I’m always looking for new podcast recommendations! I really enjoyed Invisibilia and now I’m looking forward to trying out Storycorps!

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