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This is a snapshot of what my life was like in February 2015. You can see all my Lately posts here.

Lately February >> Life In Limbo

Burning a purple candle a sweet friend brought me back from Israel a long time ago.

Reading Station Eleven and Sense & Sensibility, and planning to read the rest of Jane Austen’s oeuvre.

Listening to Invisibilia, Bleachers, The National, Guapo of the Saints.

Drinking coffee with soy milk a lot more regularly and a delicious honey lemon tea a friend gave me as a gift for Seollal in the evenings.

Throwing things away pretty mercilessly after reading this book about tidying up.

Eating a lot of meals out at restaurants: BAT sandwiches, dak galbi, Mexican and Indian. We had time off work so all we did was eat and spend time with friends.

Donating this month to Care’s lockbox program to help communities start their own village lending and saving program.

Buying lots of things for travelling, including Saltwater sandals, this headlamp and this travel towel (if those last two ever ship out, that is).

Watching (still!) Gilmore Girls, and the occasional Oscar movie, same as last month.

Editing a lot of videos and podcast episodes.

Enjoying the mildest winter I’ve ever had and trying to be outside in the sunshine as much as possible.

Loving looking back at my gratitude journal entries for February as I write this post.

Saying goodbyes to friends here as they move on to other chapters.

Dancing a lot.

Counting 34 days until I leave Korea. What?

Appreciating my apartment, my life here, my loved ones, my next chapter.

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