Inspiration: February 23

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Inspiration February 23 >> Life In Limbo

Since I am a person with a serious love/hate relationship towards technology, I loved this thread about apps that help people take breaks and do more self-care.

I just downloaded Flic after a recommendation from Happier in Hollywood. It’s an app that helps you manage and delete your photos in a fun way. It’s like Tinder for photos! I did one round today and can confirm that it’s more interesting than going through my photos one at a time.

This mini documentary series about the “Loving Generation” has been super interesting so far. There’s so much nuance here and it’s fascinating to hear all the stories.

I think I have found my freelance one true love in Bonsai. I’ve used the app before back when it did mainly contracts, but now it has time-tracking and invoicing and is everything I need to run my business! I will probably be upgrading next month.

I have now sent this podcast episode about creating love-filled relationships to a couple friends, so I figured I should share it here too! I liked the no-nonsense but spiritual approach here.

I went to see Black Panther last weekend and was so excited by it. It is full of such empowering representation for women and people of colour, plus is an amazing superhero action movie. It was also partially set in Busan, where I lived for a year, so that was fun! I loved this video explaining why Black Panther is so important.

Very most definitely cried and yelled when Tessa and Scott won gold. They were perfect, and it was so amazing to watch their reactions live when they won.

The weeks are flying these days, and it didn’t help that this was a short work week for us here in Ontario – we celebrated Family Day on Monday! This weekend I have a pretty full schedule: Creative Mornings today, two book clubs, a Beyography class, lunch with friends, a birthday party extravaganza and a trip home! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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