Inspiration: December 21

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Love the idea of a distraction-less phone. I’d say I’m 85% of the way there myself, but still have a ways to go. Excellent food for thought here.

As a person who is very bad at deciding what to have for dinner, this is definitely going to be my next tarot deck purchase!!!

I’ve been listening to audiobooks lately in an attempt to meet my Reading Challenge goal before the end of the year, and I have been thoroughly enjoying Sing, Unburied, Sing even though it is heart-wrenching.

I fed my budding interest in astrology this week by downloading Co–Star, an app that saves your birth chart and also shows you your compatibility with your friends (gasp emoji). It’s really fun, and also just helpful to stop forgetting all my signs.

I was super inspired by learning from Allyson, a makeup artist who gave my friend Sonja a makeup lesson for her birthday. Her Instagram is very fun & she’s the one who turned me on to the app above!

My friend Ameema is running an Instagram campaign called 12 Days of Diverse Christmas, where she recommends books daily in a variety of categories of diversity. It is SO cool and so enlightening and my to-read list is growing by the day with incredible-looking titles.

Last weekend I threw a drop-in strategy session for local entrepreneurs, which was incredibly inspiring. I wrote about the experience in my business newsletter, where I’m also announcing that I only have one spot left in my group strategy program! So exciting.

This week has been yet another blur – tomorrow is my last day with one of my long-time clients, so there has been a lot to do in order to make that transition feel smooth for my successor. I’ve also been (still) dealing with super low energy and lethargy, which I’m chalking up mostly to the cold greyness since my mood spiked on the days this week when we had sun! I can’t tell you how excited I am for an actual break, a full week or so off of work that I can just spend catching up on sleep, reading books, and processing all the crazy changes that my life has undergone over the past few months. So I’m planning to take a break from the blog too – I’ll be back with more inspiration on January 4th. Have an incredible holiday season & wishing you such a happy New Year. xo.

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