Inspiration: December 14

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As part of my membership to The Quarterly, I got access to the Set Vision & Plan Change course, which is set up in such a cool way! I can’t wait to dive in and reflect on 2018 to plan for the year ahead. 

Another year of Christmas gifts, another year of creating beautiful photo calendars for my family members! If you need a template, I swear by the ones from Paislee Press which I buy every year. 

I loved this article about the joy of “no phones allowed”. I think that for better or for worse, we’re going to need to be creating more of these kinds of rules for ourselves to have the experiences we’re craving. 

Great perspective pushing back against the constant self-helpy advice to get outside your comfort zone. “By recognizing and respecting my comfort zone, I can identify when a situation threatens my wellbeing. And by asserting my boundaries, I can get back from anxiety to a place where I feel psychologically safe and secure.”

Reminder: you don’t have a career, you have a life. We have to bring our full selves (and all our values) to everything we do, including work. Work is not a reason to leave those things at home. 

How cute are these tarot cards of tech?? I love them, and the fact that they’re all about asking important questions. 

Ooh, WordPress has a fancy new editor, so that’s kind of fun to explore as I write this! Life this week has been pretty slow, since I’ve been battling a gross cold and dealing with the frigid, dark cold days here in Toronto. We haven’t had any sun since Sunday! Bleh. That said, I have been taking the opportunity to go inwards a bit more, starting to reflect on 2018 and look ahead to 2019. Already I’m energized by the idea of a new start and some time to reset our lives to prepare for what’s coming. This weekend I’m going wedding dress shopping (!) with my friend Laura, and throwing a small drop-in strategy event for some local entrepreneurs! It should be a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo. 

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