Inspiration: December 16

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I love every single thing on this list of end-of-year traditions.

Amazing articles about books from the New York Times: temples for the literary pilgrim, writers on their favourite bookstores.

Such an important distinction: are you taking real steps, or false ones?

Crowd-sourced relationship advice. So great!

I printed some photos, address labels and a photo magnet from Shutterfly this week and only paid for shipping.

I’m looking forward to filling out this free workbook for setting goals for 2017. And this one!

Go with the flow and get more done.

I’m home for the weekend at my mom’s place in the forest, and I plan to read as many books as possible (3 to go to meet my reading for 2016!!), play with the puppy, stay warm by the fire, and do a bunch of holiday baking. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Stay out of the malls as much as you can and try to remember what the season is really about. I know I’ll be trying – I speak from experience, having been at the mall today! ;) xo.

PS. The photo above is of a mural behind the Princess of Wales theatre in Toronto. It was so lovely to see on such a grey slushy day earlier this week.


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