Inspiration | August 8


A very healthy reminder: What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Actually Happening.

I love that Elise is making her Make 29 projects available in a slightly different way at a different price point. So smart. I picked up one of her print packs this week.

I discovered Memrise this week and have been using it to learn Hangul (Korean letters) and Spanish again. I tend to go through phases with apps and language-learning, but this one is keeping my attention for now.

Speaking of learning languages, this article from Tim Ferris’ website was so interesting and helpful, especially the image search tip.

This food blogging income report was seriously refreshing and inspiring.

I don’t know or care much about the whole (silly) copyright angle of this story but MY GOODNESS that monkey selfie is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

I liked these tips from Artifact Uprising about mastering mobile photography.

I still find Ariana Grande a bit annoying, but I won’t even try to deny that I have been obsessed with this song this week.

I liked this article about making your photos more Pinterest-friendly, especially since Pinterest is becoming such a great traffic-driver.


Apparently the rainy season in Busan means fine weather all workweek, and pouring rain as soon as 6PM rolls around on Friday night, or at least it has for the past month or so. Despite the weather forecast, I’m hoping to have a great weekend full of food and friends and exploring. I hope you do too!

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