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Steph Loves Summer 2

Three months ago, I posted about my daily photography project, Steph Loves Today. When I wrote about it then, I was taking a photo of my daily life on my camera each day and posting it to Instagram each night. In the time since then, the project has shifted a lot: over to iPhone photos only for a spell, then back, and then there were some days when I didn’t manage to take a photo at all, on any device.

For the past little while, I’ve been trying not to worry about taking a photo every day, but I am still trying to post one to my Instagram each night (yes, this means a lot of latergrams!). Especially since opening my photography shop, I’ve started to use my Instagram page as a kind of portfolio of my photography. I’ve been posting only my favourite and best photos of the beautiful places I’ve been to in the world, as a kind of advertisement for my own work. Happily, I have definitely noticed more engagement with my photos since making that switch.

Steph Loves Summer 3

For the summertime, I switched my hashtag from #stephlovestoday to #stephlovessummer, so that I could have a visual representation of my life during the summer specifically. It’s so fun to be able to see all my summery photos in one place! I love that in these photos I can see landscapes and good food and beautiful buildings and friends – all my favourite things. This means that I’ve had a very, very good summer.

Steph Loves Summer 1

When I look at all the photos together, I’m reminded of how wonderful my life here really is. I get to see so many beautiful things and have so many great experiences. Yes, there are occasionally those normal frustrations that come with living in a foreign country, but it helps so much that this country is a beautiful one filled with lots of exciting adventures to be had. I’m really very lucky.

You can see the rest of my photos here or by following me on Instagram @lifeinlimboblog.

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