Inspiration | August 29


Solid advice from 8 years of blogging.

Mondays are hard. This Monday was a doozy, so I liked this post from JTB about getting through Monday in one piece.

I discovered Kendi Everyday this week and I’m totally obsessed – an approachable style blog! I liked her series (part 1 here) on creating a working closet (a goal for me).

I absolutely love Olivia’s photography and this was a total beauty of a wedding.

David Mitchell was one of my favourite authors already, but this piece on him took my respect to a whole new level. I cannot wait for his new book to come out.

Great ideas and rules from Bon Appétit on dining out.

This month I donated to Compassionate Care ALS and the community of Ferguson, MO through The United Way of Greater St Louis. You can see all my donations so far this year over on this page.


My brain is still stuck in late July/early August because it feels like we must still have at least a month of summer left. Where did the time go? I’ve had such an amazing summer, but it seems unbelievable how fast it’s gone. September on Monday?! 6 months since I’ve been in Korea?! Absurd. This weekend I’m hoping to do a little shopping and spend some time at the beach – hopefully surfing! There’s a little chill in the air, which makes me feel all kinds of feelings, mostly happy ones. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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