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lately august

Frustrated about a knee injury that is throwing a wrench into my training plan.

Reconsidering the 10K race instead of a half marathon.

Annoyed that it would mean changing my goal BUT..

Listening to my body and trying not to be stubborn.

Voice memo-ing my friends back home like it’s my day job.

Giddy whenever I get a voice memo back.

Happy to be back on my schedule of working in the afternoons, but of course

Missing having my evenings free (can’t have it both ways though!).

Feeling a little chill in the air the past few days: it’s turning to Fall!

Drinking coffee twice a week this past month which is a very new development for me.

Loving to wear red lipstick when I go out.

Eating a lot of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peanut sauce on everything and Granny Smith apples.

Listening to Taylor’s new song and this hilarious Eminem Punjabi beats mashup. I never said I had good taste in music..

Excited to go surfing again this weekend!

Looking forward to my trip to Seoul next weekend to see the DMZ.

Sleeping better on my recently inherited bed.

Thrilled about making more money than ever from freelance endeavours this month.

Daydreaming quite a lot about the future after my time in Korea.

Itching to go shopping for a back-to-school wardrobe and school supplies despite the fact that this is the second September (second?!?! already?!) that I’m not going back to school.

Wishing I could spend the last gasp of summer in Toronto camping and going to the CNE with my fave people, but..

Making the most of my time here in Korea and I’m still very excited about everything yet to come.

Living in the now as much as I can.

Sending love to my loves back home.

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