Inspiration: August 16

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Inspiration: August 16 >> Life In Limbo

I feel like my entire adult life is about realizing that my period, and the accompanying hormonal changes, are actually noticeable and important. This article helped! As does this recent Instagram follow.

Super interesting technique to help you answer tough questions.

I read this book this week and fell in love. One of my favourites of the year for sure – it’s the perfect blend of sweet and quirky and poignant and nostalgic and hopeful.

Yay for book recommendations from our presidential fave.

I love almost every episode of Super Soul Conversations: it’s one of the most consistently helpful podcasts I listen to. This interview with Iyanla Vanzant gave me a big a-ha, starting at around 13:45 (but the whole thing is awesome).

I liked this conversation in the Money & Happy Facebook group about updating and investing in your space rather than moving. Very good, simple tips.

I love following my intuition, and I also loved reading this analysis of how to think about your intuition in a more nuanced way to avoid bias and inaccuracy.

My business newsletter went out this week! It was a fun one. Read & subscribe here.

This week’s blog posts: Going Through the Motions, Just Keep Swimming, Worth the Drive, and Morning Ideas.

PS. Something juicy is coming!

It’s been a fun week! I was filming last weekend for part of a juicy project, and today as you read this I’m taking over the Make Lemonade Instagram account for the day. This weekend I am leaving the city for a mini retreat to my mom’s house. After a few stressful weeks, I’m ready to hunker down with a stack of books in the sunshine and play with the dog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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