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It’s been a strange summer this year. First, we had chilly weather through June and even on a couple of days in July, which definitely put a damper on the mood of carefree summer beach days. It was also humid as HECK for most of July which made it hard to move/live/breathe. It’s only in August that we’ve had some of those breezy, perfect summer days that felt fresh and pleasant.

Apart from the weather, it’s been strange for me personally for other reasons. I had some whirlwind projects at work that took up a lot of my time, lots of intake calls and meetings, and was managing my ongoing client responsibilities. Then on top of that, we had some bad news in my family, which really turned things upside down and was very stressful for a couple of weeks. Mostly, it was just busy: I had a lot going on at the same time in every area of my life.

Please know that I’m not complaining, I’m just taking inventory of why I’ve felt less engaged with this summer than in years past. Then again, it’s quite possible that I’m looking back on those summers with rose-coloured glasses, that they feel more full and rich in retrospect. Maybe this is how it always is.

For now, though, I’m realizing that I still have time to relish in my summer, my favourite time of year. There are things I can do to soak up the sunshine, put myself in the way of beauty, and spend more time outside. I can have more Ice Cream Socials™ with my friends, and go to Shakespeare in the Park, and maybe even go out on a Pirate Ship before the summer is over.

What’s still on your Summer Bucket List? What could you go slot into your calendar for these last couple weeks? Who can you text to make plans? What do you want to organize? 

Summer’s not over y’all! There’s still time to make some memories. This is as much a note to self as it is an invitation to you.

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