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This is just a little note to remind myself to pay attention to – and honour! – my morning ideas. Maybe you need this reminder too? Let me explain.

For several years now, I’ve started every morning very quietly by putting my phone on Airplane mode before I go to sleep. Not Do Not Disturb, mind you, (that’s always on), but Airplane mode, so my phone is literally disconnected from the world. This means that while my alarm still works, I wake up to a phone without notifications or news or internet access.

From there, I usually move to my couch and do 10 minutes of meditation. Now that I’ve started writing these morning reflections, I also move from my couch to my desk to do those. And THEN, after all that, I allow my phone (and myself) to reconnect to the outside world. Even though sometimes I feel the addicted part of myself want to check social media sooner because it seems more “fun” than doing my good habits, on the whole I feel a million times better for building this digital boundary into my days. 

All this is to say: my mornings are quiet. I don’t have to deal with any stimulation or information from the outside world. And I’ve just been sleeping, and therefore sifting through things subconsciously all night.

So when I get an idea in the morning, or a “ping”, or a download, or an impulse, it’s usually coming from a place of peace and presence. It’s usually right, for lack of a better word. The morning is when I feel most connected to the universe, to the collective unconscious, and to the energy of life. It’s when I’m most open to messages that might come in from a higher plane. 

This morning, I woke up knowing that I need to recover an old footstool in plush coral velvet. Yesterday, I felt like I should re-listen to an old podcast episode. At other times it’s been a feeling I should contact someone, or go somewhere, or just a thought or piece of clarity on something I’ve been struggling with. And these feelings always feel like the absolute right thing to do, like divine timing, like truth.

I don’t know what your mornings are like, but could you make them quieter? Could you make more space for the intuitive hits that you might be trying to pick up on? Can you sit quietly for a few minutes and see what rises to the surface? I know that whenever I do, my life is better for it.

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