Inspiration | April 18


A Beautiful Mess never disappoints. Their photos of the rope-light sign that says relax and all the people relaxing in a hot tub with beers…that’s what the good life looks like.

I thought Nubby Twiglet’s advice to a young person wondering if they should immediately pursue their dream of starting their own business or wait to gain some experience and money was spot on and helpful.

Clementine Daily wrote about 5 mantras we should all memorize. There’s a lot of wisdom there.

How fun is this video of making and eating brunch? What is it about brunch that makes me want to throw brunch parties all the time?

ReciteThis is an awesome website that makes any text you want into amazing posters. I’ve printed a couple quotes off to frame and put up in my little apartment.

This travel guide for the Pacific North West made me want to pack my bags and head back to Vancouver for good. And then explore all the cities nearby, and then take a roadtrip across America, and then spend time in Montreal during the summer. Clearly, my travelling days aren’t over. Did I mention I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow? Ha.

My friend Laura posted about “staying above the line” and I love the concept: “Anything below the line represents things that inhibit us from reaching the greatest expressions of ourselves: self doubt, self pity, jealousy, anger, etc. Above the line, we are patient, empathetic, confident, compassionate and so on.”

Things to do when you are sad.

Everything Leo writes just seems to sit perfectly right with me. I loved this post about making it through tough journeys, especially the part about happiness being within: “If you can find happiness inside you, then no matter what’s happening externally, you can access this source of happiness.”

My friend Adrienne was published in xoVain this week! Her article is about a perfume and it’s wonderfully written. I love her style.

Spring abundance bowls!! Yes! I’m excited to try and make this bowl in Korea.

I think I should just have a big disclaimer at the bottom of these posts that says “and then obviously, it goes without saying, Marie TV this week was the bomb dot com!” because I feel like I link to her amazing content all the time. This week she’s talking about how the time someone wakes up relates to their productivity. How refreshing to see this idea mythbusted for all us ambitious, productive people who don’t get up at 5:30AM.

What did you do last week that was exceptional? What can you do next week that no one expects of you?

Some oldies-but-goodies: one of my all-time favourite books, a photo walk of patterns.


You can catch all my daily adventures and photo walks by following me on Instagram! If you do, this weekend you’ll probably see a lot of Japanese candy and tempura (yay!). Have a good one!

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