Lately | April

Currently AprilThrilled about the weekend I just spent in Tokyo.

Tired but it was worth it.

Proud of an article I just submitted.

Nursing a cup of hot water with honey and a dissolved vitamin C tablet. 

Listening to my favourite podcasts every day on my walk and the Lana Del Rey album when I do errands.

Watching The Good Wife and loving it.

Appreciating all the beautiful Spring flowers blooming. I notice new ones appearing every day.

Missing my family and friends back home a little today, but…

Grateful (very) for the friends I’ve made here.

Putting pumpkin seeds in my morning granola.

Still obsessed with the beach and the waves.

Creating a lot more lately (blogging, podcasting, photographing, writing) and feeling excited about that.

Eating rice or quinoa bowls most nights.

Pinning lots of inspiration and yummy recipes to try.

Jumping around like a maniac doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred in my apartment after work these days.

Resolving to read more and read better, more interesting books.

Happy about my version of the #100HappyDays project and all the lovely everyday photos I’ve been taking as a result of making this intention. You can see them here.

Excited that Love Letter #1 is in the mail en route to its lovely recipient.

Having lots of thoughts about the (my) future.

Already planning for a restful, quiet weekend.

Trying to notice and actively appreciate the magic and the beauty of my days. 

Working on staying present and grounded instead of being nostalgic for another place.

Impressed with myself that I’ve managed to create a life and routine here in Korea (!?) after a relatively short amount of time. I feel miles away from where I was in my last Currently post.

Loving the people I’m lucky enough to know, as always and for forever.

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