7/10: Striped Maxi Skirt

This project was pretty fun to make. And it still is fun, to wear! Also, lo and behold, it taught me several things – as these DIY projects are wont to do. I buzzed through this skirt, making my fair share of mistakes, getting justifiably annoyed (cutting fabric is a ridiculous endeavour) and fixing as I went along. I was left with a skirt! That fits me! It doesn’t fall off or anything!

Here’s what worked: it fits. It’s cute, comfortable, not too fussy to put on. I like to wear it around the house mostly, but I have worn it a couple times on the street. Mostly, my goal with this skirt was just to practice sewing techniques, so I’m happy even just to wear it for mucking around in the kitchen.

But there were a few things that didn’t work. First, I messed up my thread tension, so the side seam is a little bumpier than I might have liked, but it’s not too noticeable when it’s on. Also, it’s a little tricky to walk in, which might explain why I don’t wear it out much! It’s long, and not very flared, so I have to take small geisha-esque steps, unless I hike it up a bit. Next time, I would flare it quite a bit more (like this tutorial shows) so that it’s easier to walk in. And I ended up having to cut off a few inches because it was much too long at first.

I used this tutorial. For the most part, I liked it and it wasn’t too complicated. Then again, I had my fair share of frustration in making this skirt, so use at your own risk. (Although likely that was only due to my inexperience.) I used a simple jersey-like fabric that I found at the store, I have absolutely no specs on it whatsoever. It’s comfy and soft.

(I’m a goof. Did you know this about me?)

It was a terrific second sewing project. I should probably give you a disclaimer: sewing experts would probably shudder at my sewing. Objectively, I suck. But this is probably the easiest it gets (3 seams, that’s it), which means that if I can do it, so can you! Perhaps the process wasn’t that fun (at times – at others, it was!), but getting a finished product certainly was.

And with that, I’m finished 7/10 DIY projects this year! See the rest of them here.

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