2/10: Hanging Plant

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to jump on the DIY bandwagon – I’m having so much fun! For me, every stage of the process is exciting: scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, going in search of the materials at various stores, sitting down and completing something that’s pretty, and finally seeing it around me in its finished state! It’s such a simple idea, to take some basic materials and recombine them into something beautiful. I love that.

I’ve been collecting lots of DIY ideas lately (see the board here), but one that really stood out to me was the simple hanging plant. I immediately loved the look of it (simple yet colourful) and it didn’t look too hard either – bonus!

Materials: thin, colourful rope + a small plant + a bowl

Cost: $5 Plant + $1 rope (dollar store) + 0$ bowl (already owned) = $6!

The full tutorial is from Refinery 29 and is right here. It’s really detailed and the instructions make it easy to make the ‘basket’ for the hanging plant. I found that the rope I got was pretty slippery, so try and stick with cotton rope if you can, the kind that won’t untie itself! I found it tricky to keep my knots in the right places while I was making it, but once the bowl was inside and it was hanging down – gravity did the work of keeping the knots together! Thanks, gravity.

I really like the way it came out. Mine is hanging from my curtain rod, which works nicely. Here are a few close-ups of my knotting process:

This project was fun and didn’t require any talent or skill. In fact, it only took me maybe half an hour (and I started over a couple times because my rope wasn’t behaving) while I watched Grey’s Anatomy. If you choose to make a hanging plant of your own, I would recommend doing so on a really big table with lots of open space – it’s hard to keep track of all those pieces of string! Make sure you have room to spread them out and see clearly what you’re doing.

I’m really enjoying making DIY projects – it’s a fun and productive way to pass the time! Are any of you making any cute crafty projects? Do tell!


One of my 2012 goals is to make 10 DIY projects this year. This is the second! See #1 here

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