27 Moments

27 Moments >> Life In Limbo

Another year older, and another year of beautiful memories to look back on. I’m so sad that I didn’t get around to writing this list last year, because I have such a terrible memory and lists like these are an easy portal straight into my own past. Which I need, desperately! Without taking the time to document it all, my favourite moments have a way of being lost to the sands of time. So this year during my birthday week, I’m forcing myself to sit down and remember. To preserve for my future. Here are my favourite memories from the year I was 27:

Celebrating my grandma’s 90th birthday with our whole extended family (& even some Welsh rellies!). We were lucky enough that day to also experience a First Nations ceremony, organized by my uncle (who is First Nations) and his friends. The whole day was so special and heartfelt.

Having a photoshoot with Amber Ellis of Creating Light Studio. We took the photos on a gorgeous sunny day last June, and every moment was surreal. I didn’t feel “ready” or “skinny enough” or like I was a big enough deal to warrant the photos being taken. But they’ve (without exaggeration) changed my life & business. She’s magic.

27 Moments >> Life In Limbo

Sharing my heartbreak story on stage in front of a jam-packed room on a sweaty Montreal night. I’d gone through a bad breakup two nights prior, word-vomited all my feelings onto a piece of paper, and then spoke them out loud. My voice shook, but I felt so strong.

That time when someone bought my Inbox Zero course before I’d even officially launched it. I had mentioned that it was almost ready to launch in an email newsletter, and before I knew it, I’d sold a spot! Definitely a pinch-myself kind of moment.

Launching my podcast into the world! This project has been such a joy to create, and has brought me closer to so many of my friends. I love the insights we’ve found together, and I’m so glad that I finally pulled the trigger on this project that was marinating in my mind for years prior.

My first session of The Foundery. This January I started a group strategy program for women entrepreneurs, and our first meeting was such a wonderful moment for me. It was like I literally brought a photo (from my shoot with Amber!) to life in front of my eyes.

27 Moments >> Life In Limbo

Having a boudoir photoshoot a week and a half after a breakup. This initially felt like the worst timing ever, but it turns out, it was the best timing ever. There’s really nothing like seeing yourself in a new light. It was such a fun experience and I really treasure the photos. I will be so glad to have them when I’m 80!

That one perfect weekend up at the lake. Lots of swimming, lots of good food, lots of puppy cuddles, lots of sunshine, lots of reading. What could be better?

Going to Broadway Drag brunch in New York! These are a few of my favourite things, and I got to experience them with a few of my favourite people. What could be better?

Launching The Vault. This year I was proud to be a part of launching a digital magazine called The Vault. It took a ton of work and strategy and planning, so it was fun and rewarding to put it out into the world.

27 Moments >> Life In Limbo

Introducing Raffi in concert! I got the opportunity to introduce Raffi as part of my work with The MEHRIT Centre last summer, and it was a lot of fun. I brought my sister with me and after I’d said my piece we sat in the audience and laughed and sang to all the songs from our childhoods. So fun.

Singing at Marie’s Crisis, always. I went both times I was in New York during my 27th year, and both times my heart was full of joy. There is truly nothing I love more than being in that little dive bar singing my heart out.

That day on Toronto Island with Sonja & Salimah. We played hooky from work, missed the ferry, caught another one, walked across the whole island, got carrot cake, and talked about boys all day. It was so. much. fun. Can’t wait to do it again this summer.

Dogsitting for Bodhi. It was so lovely to be out at The Hideaway by myself, with just the quiet and the puppy to keep me company. Bliss.

Being at Riverfest Elora by myself. It brought me right back to my solo traveling days, when I could experience an event in exactly the way I wanted to. I got great food, explored downtown Elora, met up with a couple friends who were working there, and mostly just listened to great music and felt happy and free.

27 Moments >> Life In Limbo

Going to Sojo Spa Club with Katie. Um, hi. What is this place? We got in for approximately $0 because they were having an anniversary 2-for-1 sale, and it felt like we had been teleported straight back to our Korea days. It was truly remarkable, and such a cozy way to spend a chilly January day.

Getting my front tooth fixed. I’d had a chip in it since university, so fixing it was the best. I feel so much more confident in my smile! It broke off a couple times and had to be repaired again, but it seems to now be there to stay, hooray!

Going to RuPaul’s Drag Race live with my friends. This was a recent experience, but it was so fun that it made the list. Getting to experience one of my favourite shows in a group atmosphere helped me to finally understand why people like sports so much! Also, it’s great to get to see more of Toronto’s drag community.

Going ring shopping for Laura with Mike. The universe has a sense of humour, because this ironically happened the morning after my breakup. But it also ended up being the best possible timing, because it showed me what true love & care look like, and that was inspiring and cry-inducing and humbling.

27 Moments >> Life In Limbo

That backyard showcase at Christine’s. I was lucky enough to be in my friend Christine’s gorgeous backyard twice last summer, and both times were moments I’ll always remember. It’s like a paradise garden oasis, in the middle of Toronto! So lovely to hear my friends play music in the coziest little space.

That pirate ship showcase. My favourite thing in life is whimsy, and there is not much more whimsical than showing up to a pirate ship, buying a drink, and sailing along the shoreline listening to cello duets by extremely talented musicians. What a dream.

Going to A&W and Wicked with Bron. Even though it was pouring rain, and we ate in the food court at the Eaton Centre, I can’t think of any other way I’d rather spend a birthday celebration than being silly and watching musical theatre with her. She’s the best and I’m so glad we’re finally friends.

When Laura asked me to be her maid of honour on the bridge. She proposed to me! With a cute pink ring and everything! I was suitably honoured, and still am.

27 Moments >> Life In Limbo

All the Nurture Nurtures. Like I said on Instagram, these life/business retreats I do with Sonja and Moni are not exactly glamorous. In fact, they’re sticky and kind of embarrassing, but they also create change and progress and movement like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. If you want to do your own, I share more about the process here!

Going to Cobblestone Farm for the day! This seemed like such a small moment at the time, but it ended up being one of my favourite memories from last fall. So lovely to play hooky with my friends and drive to somewhere so beautiful and so different. And to see horses and dogs, my fave.

Doing magic tricks for all my friends! I had been practicing for weeks and was so nervous that I’d mess up on the night itself. But in the end, they all went flawlessly and it was SO MUCH FUN to make some jaws drop. Again: whimsy.

Both Nurture weekends! Exhausting, rewarding, fulfilling, beautiful, unbelievable, life-affirming, lovely. I’m the absolute luckiest to get to be a part of these retreats and to get to meet these women.

And there you have it! I’m sure I’m forgetting some, especially those small, tiny moments that light me up. But I will say this: it was a challenging year for me. There were a lot of tests and trials and tribulations galore, but on the other side I can see that they were all leading me to a better place. I love my life and am so grateful for everything I’ve gotten to experience.

I love doing these reflection posts every year. If you’re curious, you can read about my favourite moments of 212223, 24, and 25.

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