22 Before 22

It’s been strangely difficult to write this post. Mainly, I had to get myself over a mental hurdle, which was accepting that I’ll be 22 at my next birthday. I had this moment last week, where I realized I was turning 21, not 20, and it seriously freaked me out. There are probably some folks older than me in the audience who are scoffing at me freaking out about being 21, and trust me, I get it. But to a 21-year-old who is rounding the bend on the third of four years of a University degree, with almost zero conception of what she wants to do once she’s graduated, who never had any real plan for her life past University: this time is really scary. Being this age is pretty scary. It’s exciting, and wide-open, and awesome, but it’s also scary.

But be that as it may, I keep pushing myself. I get bored, I try new things, I gain new hobbies. Even though sometimes I’m terrified, or overwhelmed with anxiety, or feeling really low, I keep trying. I set goals, and I push myself to achieve them. That much I know! So I did compile a list of fun goals for my 21st year, even though I have 2012 goals already. I tried to choose things that can be checked off, and that will enrich my life in new ways.

If anyone reading wants to offer advice, send along links, or make suggestions about how I can achieve any of these birthday goals, I’d be thrilled to hear them. And, as always, thank you for following along with my life here on my blog, it means more to me than you know. xo.

22 Before 22

  1. Grow out my nails and get a manicure
  2. Run a race
  3. Make cheese at home
  4. Stay in a hotel and order room service
  5. Get a food blog post accepted to Tastespotting
  6. Become a penpal
  7. Read one Jane Austen novel
  8. Start a book club
  9. Make sushi
  10. Sew a dress
  11. Get a pet fish
  12. Send someone a care package
  13. Create a podcast
  14. Take a self-imposed break from the Internet
  15. Do a juice detox
  16. Take a photography class or workshop
  17. Grow herbs and cherry tomatoes
  18. Climb a tree
  19. Travel somewhere new
  20. Make cinnamon buns
  21. Self-publish a cookbook
  22. Have a tarot reading done

11 thoughts on “22 Before 22”

    1. I haven’t read ANY Jane Austen books :O that’s why I set the goal because that’s just ridiculous haha. I will definitely try Emma! :D

        1. Emma it is! Followed closely by Pride and Prejudice, most likely. Can you believe I’ve never read Austen before? Ha. and I call myself a reader…

  1. Read P&P. Emma is a bitch. and you’ll love Mr Bennett !

    Regarding some of your other goals, check out my friend Fauve’s weekly podcast: http://www.fauvedoucet.com/workout-session-tuesday-podcast/

    In terms of photography, Dawson has a lot of spring/summer courses that are pretty reasonably priced (I took French there last summer and will be taking Photoshop starting this week, as I mentioned). http://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/continuing-education/centre-for-training-development/courses-offered/photography

    1. Awesome suggestions Laura, thank you! Haha mixed reviews of Emma, eh? Hmm. Well maybe I’ll have to read more than one Jane Austen book. :P I like your friend Fauve’s accent, it’s endearing. I think that if I were to make a podcast it would be less music, but I still find it inspiring that she’s created it on her own! Really cool. And I have already clicked through to like 4 different classes on that website. They all look really great, especially the portraiture one! :D Thank you for helping me out!

  2. Love this idea! I might steal it.

    If you need a penpal, I’d love to exchange with you. I’m pretty much convinced we’re the same person, and I have always loved having penpals. I’m very good at replying in a timely manner!

    1. It’s an awesome idea! I totally encourage you to steal it!

      And Rin!! That’d be awesome! I might end up having more than one pen pal at this point, but that’s totally great. I’ve never had a pen pal before! I really want to be dorky and send real letters, because I think that’s more fun. What do you think? I’ll shoot you an email sometime soon to discuss details!

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