2014: Abundance


At the start of 2013, I chose the word reach as my one little word for the year. You can learn more about choosing a word here, but the gist is you choose a word to sort of guide you through the year. I think reach served me very well in 2013. I’ll be honest: my word wasn’t always on my mind, and my monthly goal setting dropped off somewhere around April (oops), but I think even the act of making the intention to reach more in 2013 shaped my choices and thinking this year. I pushed myself, I reached out, I explored the unknown and I tried my very best.

In 2014, my word is abundance. Abundance! I’ve been so into this word and concept over the last couple months that it just seemed like the perfect word to shape the coming year. I also worked through The Desire Map for the first time this December and chose abundance as one of my core desired feelings. I’ll be sharing my other four core desired feelings and what they mean for me in an upcoming post.

To me, abundance means:

  • believing that I am enough, that my choices are the right ones for me, that I’m going to be okay, and that things will work out
  • there is enough of everything to go around: love, money, happiness, adventure, beauty, intelligence
  • that life is not a competition or a zero sum game. Nobody has to lose so that I can win or vice versa. (I’m thinking about this on a macro level, not on a “who gets the job” kind of level)
  • having generosity of spirit: giving people the benefit of the doubt, being kind, giving of myself, my time, and my money, being the bigger person
  • being excited, enthusiastic and passionate about things in my life
  • being magnanimous
  • practicing gratitude for the friends, family, and fun that I have
  • believing that there is time and space to be patient and compassionate with myself and others
  • open-mindedness: there are many good, different ways to think, do, and live

I am really excited about 2014. The details are murky (where I’ll be living, where I’ll be working), but the broad strokes are exciting. I’ll be reading a lot, I’ll be practicing yoga, I’ll be keeping up with my creative projects (this blog and my podcast), I’ll be exploring and trying new things. And all the while, I hope to be remembering abundance and applying that beautiful, generous concept to every area of my life.

I’m very grateful this New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year, everyone.


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