Zucchini Fritters

It’s late, midnight. I just finished work, the leftovers of a bag of SunChips, and am working on a raspberry lime slushee. I’m currently extremely far from any pinnacle of health and/or good eats. I am! It’s true.

But considering that I’m going to see my family tomorrow (today, when you’re reading this!), I’m doing a happy dance, and an “I don’t care” dance. It’s Friday! It’s vacation! It was a hard shift! At the same time, I’m going to see my mama tomorrow, and I gotta prove to her that processed junk isn’t all I eat.

So I give you zucchini fritters. These things are good, good, good. They’re gorgeous too, slightly browned yet bright green, and topped with bright white sour cream. The sour cream makes them irresistible. Just speaking from experience here.

The key to a good zucchini fritter is explained over at Smitten Kitchen: it’s to squeeze out as much zucchini juice/liquid as possible before combining the pulp with the other ingredients. This important process helps them get crispy! I used a cheesecloth, and was thoroughly amused by how much liquid I got out of those zucchini. Zucchinis? Whatever.

These made a perfect lunch, but I bet they’d make a lovely vegetarian brunch option as well!

The recipe is here. Enjoy! I’m off to get my beauty rest. X’s and O’s. Happy day.

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