Twenty Questions!


Over on Guinea Pigging Green today, I’m answering 10 very random questions about myself and asking Laura 10 of my own (very random) questions. We love recording the podcast together, but for the past few weeks our schedules have not aligned because of vacations and my summer work schedule and of course, the 13 hour time difference between us. So I had this totally wacky idea for us to record the episode separately, answering questions we’d sent each other in advance.

In the end, I think it worked out pretty well, all things considered! One of the best parts of having this podcast is being able to have fun and try new things. We are the ones running the (very small) show, so we get to try out different ideas and be silly and experiment and see what happens. More often than not, we end up learning more about each other and the world, learning how to collaborate better, meeting amazing new people, improving ourselves and hopefully doing our small part to inspire others to lead happier healthier lives. The podcast is definitely sometimes a lot of work, or a hassle to develop ideas and record every few weeks, but I am absurdly grateful for this tiny fun creative venture. I know I’m building skills that will help me in the future and I’m so glad I get to do so in a way that’s positive and which inspires me.

We asked each other some pretty fun questions and got some pretty funny and interesting responses. You can find out more about the episode by reading the shownotes over on our blog or of course by tuning into the show at the link here or by subscribing on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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