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Bird of paradise in Cancun

I think it’s summer. I’m sitting beside an open window, in a skirt, sipping on lemon water, listening to Joy the Baker’s new podcast and loving life. Anyone else listen to it yet? Anyone else find that bloggers’ real voices never, ever match up to how you imagine their voices? It’s disconcerting.

I’m back in the downright gorgeous city of Montreal for the remainder of the summer. I’m in the process of looking for a new apartment, and I may have located just the one! I don’t want to jinx it though, so I’m going to keep mum on how much I like it until I can figure out how to acquire it. Tomorrow the job hunt begins – I get nervous about handing out resumes, but it’s got to happen and I’ve got to stay confident.

For now, though, I get to fantasize about the rest of the summer. Concerts, festivals, dinners al fresco, farmer’s markets, reading in parks. If the last couple days are any indication, the next few months are going to be heavenly: free, breezy, relaxed. Work and play in equal parts.

I’m getting excited about starting little projects too. I really want to launch myself into cooking, so I plan to scour my cookbooks for recipes and then actually make them. I always get inspired, and then end up making a sandwich in the end. I want to try new ingredients, make delicious food, and consume it each and every night. I have time, meaning I have no excuse not to anymore.

A few cookbooks to inspire me

I also lost my grip on journalling part way through the year, which is something I have already started to remedy. For the first year of university, I wrote in my journal almost every single night. I’ve filled three spiral bound notebooks thus far, but somewhere along the way this year I fell off the wagon. This summer I want to chronicle not only what I do, but how I feel. Writing in my journal helps me get things out of my head, work through my anxieties and relax.


Currently reading + my journal!

Of course too, I want to read. I think this will be my ultimate pass-time (as it has always been in the past) this summer. I have countless books I’m itching to read, and now’s the time to read them. I’ve read 22/100 books so far this year, time to catch up!

I got a dramatic haircut the other day. It’s very dramatic, guys. Well okay, it’s not a dramatic haircut in and of itself, but it’s a dramatic difference from what I had previously. It’s like, a bob! I don’t have a good picture of it yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll share. But I can tell you one thing: I love it. I love love love it. It’s shorter than I’ve had in years, but it somehow just suits me. I wasn’t nervous to cut it all off, I was ready. And now I feel great. There’s nothing like a great new haircut, am I right?

I have lots of kooky plans and adventures I want to embark on this summer. They may include: elaborate email newsletters, Camp NaNoWriMo, painting my new apartment this colour, making cinnamon rolls from scratch, drinking gin and tonics, taking dance lessons, baking cakes, eating brunch and blogging about all of it.

What about you? Any awesome summer plans in mind?

Yours in summer lovin’,

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Summer”

  1. It sounds like your summer is being fabulous already!

    Planning having never been my strong point, I’m still trying to figure what all I’m going to do with myself this summer. I know I hope to get my dream job (in a bookstore!), write, read, and drink delicious pineapple smoothies that my genius brother makes.

    So far, what I’m enjoying most about my summer is being able to open my window and see sunlight. The deafening – and I mean *deafening* – sound of cicadas makes actually opening the window less enjoyable, but I’ll get used to it ;)

    Mostly, I’m looking forward to going to visit my dream college, Murray State! I’ve wanted to visit it since before I graduated high school, so you can imagine how excited I am!

    The color for your apartment is awesome. Purple is my favorite color, but red is a very close second!

    1. My dream job is in a bookstore too! I’ve been applying to them, and I just have my fingers crossed. :) I’ve worked in one before, and it was amazing. I love love love books. I am also extremely jealous of these pineapple smoothies!?! Sounds like the most delicious thing on the planet. I may just have to find a recipe somewhere so I can enjoy them myself! Do you know how he makes them?

      I’m so excited for you that you’re going to visit your dream college – I wish you the best of luck getting in! That’s such an exciting time, I remember the first time I came to visit my school, it was incredible. Good luck!

      & I know what you mean about opening windows and sunlight – I sorely missed daylight this winter, it was awful. Now there is brightness everywhere! At least, when it’s not raining. :P

      1. The smoothie is pretty run-of-the-mill (I think? I don’t drink smoothies very much!). My taste buds are notoriously easy to satisfy. ^^ Anyway, Isaiah – my brother – chills a can of chopped pineapples in the fridge, then tosses that, ice, and some Tropicana fruit punch into the blender. Then, as my youngest brother says, “Swirl it all up and then slurp it all down!”

        1. Haha for some reason I would have no idea how to make a pineapple smoothie though! So, thanks for the recipe :) I’ll be sure to try it very soon.

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