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Buzzing with creative ideas for an e-course and new listings for the shop.

Listening to new Drake, old Drake, Anaconda and new Taylor Swift. Don’t be like me, kids. Or do, it’s so fun and we can have sweet dance parties.

Totally obsessed with Serial and having uber-intense discussions with my friends after each new episode airs.

Enjoying my nightly walks around the neighbourhood to get in my 10,000 steps a day.

Walking everywhere in either these shoes or these. (See also: pretending summer isn’t over.)

Proud of these photos + article I wrote about a favourite restaurant in my neighbourhood here in Busan.

Touched by the response from family and friends about my piece for HWY. Truly.

Wavering about whether I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year. Leaning towards no. But maybe?!

Excited for this movie, and this one too.

Still doing morning pages.

Painting my nails wine-red.

Meditating every day. I don’t always love it, but in general I love it.

Looking forward to a semi-formal event in a couple weeks, hikes in the changing fall leaves, and all the amazing stuff that’s going to happen in November that I can’t and shouldn’t try to plan for.

Gobsmacked at how fast this month went by (this feels like it was the same month).

Missing my besties + family back home, but…

Loving my friends + life here.

Planning for my next steps but trying not to freak out. As I’ve learned, 5 months is both really short and very long.


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