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Lately JuneExcited I was able to see a stunning coastal temple this morning before I had to go to work.

Resolving to get out more in the mornings instead of always saving my excursions for the weekend.

Becoming a regular at a few great restaurants + bars in my neighbourhood (for Busanites: Artista and Thursday Party).

Planning my summer vacation – I’m thinking Japan!

Eating a lot of homemade summer rolls for dinner (I’ll share my recipe on the blog next week), scrambled egg wraps for lunch, and a lot of raw veggies in between.

Drinking the delicious-but-potent Long Island Iced Teas at our local watering hole, and lots of water the rest of the time.

Excited about trying cheesy pajeon, our upcoming trip to Jeju island, all the books I’ve been adding to my to-read list, and getting to teach cute little kids starting from next week.

Running at the local track and slowly increasing my distance – yay!

Brainstorming for a new creative (ad)venture. Stay tuned!

Watching Masterchef and Masterchef Australia because they’re both back on, hallelujah! My favourite time of year.

Daydreaming out loud about plans for after my year in Korea.

Listening to my favourite podcasts most of the time instead of music. Any song recommendations?

Relieved that most of the stress involved with switching schools seems to have passed so that now I can just focus on enjoying my long summer days and nights.

Making use of the open rooftop terraces on nearby buildings for gatherings and late night yoga alike.

Wondering how it’s already Wednesday, and how it’s already the last week of June.

Grateful for emails from family, long talks with good friends, and the fact that I’m back to feeling positive and excited about the rest of my year in Korea after a brief period of negativity and stress.

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