Internet Break!

I made a goal for my 21st year to take a self-imposed break from the Internet. As much as I like love adore almost everything about the world wide web, I do acknowledge that it’s a huge time suck for me. And as much as I am in love with this blog, my little space on the Internet, it does take time and care to put together my posts. The next couple of weeks are unexpectedly jam-packed with activity and visits and meetings and work and back to school, and I’m stressed just thinking about balancing it all.

So what better time to take a break from browsing, uploading, checking, double-checking, triple-checking? The rules I’m making for myself are: no Facebook, no Twitter, no blogging, no Pinterest. Email is okay, because I will need to be corresponding with people  for my job. I will allow myself to check/use Instagram on my phone because that’s an activity that gives me a lot of happiness, but isn’t a time suck. I can Google things that I need to know (ex. where to find a shoe repair store in Montreal!) and obviously anything for school. Basically, I can use the Internet for practical purposes (school, work, extra-curriculars) but not for time-wasters.

Instead, I’m going to focus on school, friends, reading, fun, work. This break is starting after I post this, until *at least* next Sunday (the 9th). But I might extend it by another week!

I’m kind of nervous, isn’t that pathetic? The Internet is such a crutch for me! I use it so often. But I think this will be good for me, if challenging.

Wish me luck! Happy back to school.

2 thoughts on “Internet Break!”

  1. I recently watched a documentary called ‘Disconnected’ where three students gave up the computer for a month- no Google, typing word documents, anything! They had to type their papers on a typewriter, and communicate with classmates and the teacher the ‘old fashioned’ way- face to face.

    Good luck! These days, this is a great challenge!

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