Inspiration: September 28

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Inspiration September 28 >> Life In Limbo

This week I used Loom multiple times to record screencast walkthroughs of various tools for my clients. I love the little circle pic feature, it adds so much more personality! So useful.

I’m so inspired by my friend Sonja’s retreat selling out this week! She has worked so hard on this and really invested in herself and this business, and is now reaping the rewards. You can learn more about her retreat, Nurture, here.

In The Useletter last week (one of my fave newsletters), Amy mentioned a newish tool called Notion which I’ve been testing all week. It’s a project management/wiki/document sharing/to-do list/database app and it’s pretty cool so far.

Last week I read the book Places I Stopped on the Way Home and really enjoyed it. It was nice to read about her romantic trials & tribulations and feel how much she really believes in love. Very inspiring.

Very into this radical idea to set up a vacation autoresponder that tells people you are automatically deleting any emails that come in during your vacation. Wowow.

Important reminder that things often take way longer and are much harder than they look. Having recently built a few things I’m super proud of, I can confirm. Patience is so important, and so is the willingness to be bad at first and fumble through.

An interesting case for taking some things for granted. This is less of an instruction manual than it is a thought exercise.

Psychologists are finding that fatigue may not be about physical exhaustion or depleting willpower, but perhaps about motivation. This makes sense to me, and if it’s true, this has interesting implications!

In case you missed it, this week on the podcast I was “inspired” by the new show Escaping NXIVM to discuss the potential dangers of “spiritual language” being used in manipulative ways.

This week my family had an early Thanksgiving, as a going away party for my little sister who is bravely moving to the States for a year for work! It was so nice to see my family all together again. And it was a great work week too: I love it when I discover new business tools that are smart and helpful, it makes me so happy. I also had a lot of fun wins with clients, which felt amazing. This weekend I’m dogsitting for my mom, and I can’t wait for puppy cuddles! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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