Inspiration: October 20

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Inspiration October 19 >> Life In Limbo

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Sydenham Ridge Estate for their beautiful Open House event. The property is so beautiful and peaceful, and it was such a refreshing experience. An excellent reminder that it’s important to shake things up, visit new places, and spend time with friends.

Sarah Von Bargen’s concept of the Authenticity Tax is one of my favourite ideas ever, so I was so happy to see this detailed post on it this week. Such an important and powerful idea!

I liked this post of concrete suggestions for anyone asking how they can be an ally to women.

I just put this on hold at the library and I’m so excited to read it! Oprah 5ever! She is my favourite.

The case for not organizing things too much. This is exactly why flipping back through my old bullet journals can be so inspiring and helpful.

Winter is coming, and I want to make every single one of these soups…or at the very least, at least one of these soups.

It was nice to change things up this week! I visited my mom’s house (and her puppy!), got to have lunch with my sister, and spent time at the beautiful estate mentioned above with my friends. A fun contrast to the days spent at my desk at the café I love or in my home office. I hope you have a wonderful weekend: here’s your reminder to enjoy being outside!

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