Inspiration: October 13

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Inspiration October 13 >> Life In Limbo

This week for our TuesdaysTogether meetup, we got to have business planning discussions at the beautiful new coworking space here in Toronto, Make Lemonade. It was so fun to chat with the founder and hear her story, and talking to other people who are also struggling with various issues around planning and ‘going pro’ in their businesses was a breath of fresh air.

I got a lot out of this interview with Michael Singer on Super Soul Conversations, including a couple of big a-ha moments! (Ignore the tags shown below the player on that page, they aren’t topical to the episode at all.)

Hilarious + empowering (feminist) advice regarding creative work (and email) that makes me giddy with glee. This appeals to all of my expectation-setting, space-creating ways. “Here is a question: Do you want to be a reliable source of literary art, or of prompt emails?”

I am now 100% obsessed with Captain Awkward (I am very, very late to this party) and am loving every single column I read. If you, like me, are constantly searching for the missing How Do I Adult? manual, read read read. This article on unhealthy relationship dynamics and how to address them puts into words so many helpful ideas, and gives you actual scripts you can use in situations, which I love.

When Brené Brown tells you to read a book, you read the book! All of the books she recommends for inspiring bravery are now at the top of my list.

I liked this op-ed by Lena Dunham about the epidemic of sexual harassment in Hollywood (and everywhere, tbh), and how it put the onus on men to speak up since they often have the least to lose. I was heartened to read this piece the very next day about how Terry Crews is speaking up about his own harassment experiences in Hollywood. Then I saw this video of the rapper Loyle Carner kicking a fan out of his concert for shouting sexist, harassing things at his (female) opening act. This is what we need! More of this, please. Support + solidarity are so important. Edit: I just had to come back and add to this section after reading this article about how James Van Der Beek is speaking out as well!

Last but certainly not least, I cried while watching this beautiful and painful video that was put out by The Global Goals for Day of the Girl. We have failed girls and continue to do so, and that needs to change.

It was Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend, so it’s been a short (but busy) work-week around here! This weekend I am going to what is sure to be a beautiful dinner party, planning to have a mini Saturday morning adventure, and going to a comedy night with a friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! The videos where so “beautiful”… Will be reading some of the books for sure, and thinking about the relationship article. Have a nice week!

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